November 04, 2019 | Publications

#TripAndFall #PersonalInjury #WinningMatters TRIP AND FALL

Trip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries and long-term consequences. Fixed objects, uneven surfaces like broken sidewalks, or objects impeding a pathway can initiate a stumble which can often result in a fall. Some of the most common types of injuries resulting from a Trip and Fall are hip, wrist, and ankle fractures and elderly people are more likely to break a bone as a result of a fall. Other types of injuries can include sprains, dislocated shoulders, knee damage, spine and nerve damage, and traumatic brain injury.

It is important to have a report of the incident. If possible, gather evidence such as:

  • Take photographs of the scene of the accident;
  • If someone witnesses your fall, gather their information;
  • If your trip and fall occurs in a store, such as a department or grocery store, make sure you file an accident report. You can do this by asking for the manager and they will then document your version of the accident. This will prove to be valuable in representing you for your injuries. If possible, make sure to obtain an accident report prior to leaving the store.

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