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What is colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy can be used to look for colon polyps or bowel cancer and to help diagnose symptoms such as unexplained abdominal pain or blood in the stool. Not only can a colonoscopy detect precancerous polyps, but these polyps can usually be removed during the procedure to decrease the risk that they will develop into cancer. Colonoscopies have saved an untold number of lives through early detection.

A Case for Colonoscopy Malpractice

A doctor who fails to make appropriate recommendations or fails to diagnose colon cancer when faced with positive test results has likely committed medical malpractice. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which health care professionals do not adequately investigate a patient’s complaints of rectal bleeding, misread the colonoscopy results, or fail to initiate further testing or a colonoscopy for people who are especially at risk. If you are injured by a doctor’s negligence, you can potentially recover medical expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, household services, lost income, and pain and suffering.

At Karask Law Group, we will consult a medical expert to determine whether there is a reasonable basis for bringing a case against a medical provider allegedly at fault.

Colonoscopy Injuries and Errors

Injuries can occur when the doctor performing the procedure is not skilled and does not perform the test with the appropriate level of care. Potential injuries include the following:

  • Hemorrhaging following polyp removal
  • Aggravation of underlying bowel disorders
  • Bowel perforation
  • Sepsis
  • Splenic tear/ruture

Bowel perforation is a recognized risk of a colonoscopy. However, many recognized risks can also be medical malpractice such as a perforated colon during the procedure. If the doctor refuses to admit the colon was perforated and the patient fails to receive treatment that is needed to resolve the problem, this can lead to a medical malpractice claim. Common colonoscopy errors include:

  • Inadequate bowel preparation
  • Poor visualization
  • Over dilation
  • Dirty colonoscopy scopes
  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Inadequate tissue sample
  • Failure to detect and treat complications such as bowel and colon perforations
  • Failure to recommend colonoscopy
  • Failure to inform patient of risks

Colonoscopy Verdicts

Pain and suffering damages in the sum of $1,000,000: On July 30, 2008 Mr. Gaspard Gaspard, then 59 years old, underwent his first colonoscopy. A suspicious polyp was discovered and Mr. Gaspard was referred to a colorectal surgeon who performed a second colonoscopy the next day. The polyp was too large to remove at that time; instead a CT scan was scheduled for five days later at which time a perforation in his colon was discovered.

Mr. Gaspard sued the colorectal surgeon alleging that the doctor failed to advise him regarding the signs and symptoms of a colon perforation following a colonoscopy, and then failed to properly treat the infected perforation after it had been detected in the CT scan.

A Kings County jury rendered a verdict in favor of the plaintiff and awarded him pain and suffering damages in the sum of $1,000,000.

$1.1 Million Settlement With Doctor: On Sept. 26, 2010, Ms. Heifetz went to a gastroenterologist for a routine screening colonoscopy. During the procedure, the doctor allegedly performed the colonoscopy in a hurried manner and used excessive force while passing the colonoscope through the splenic flexure. Allegedly due to the improper technique and negligent force used by Baradarian, Heifetz’s spleen was forcibly detached from the splenocolic ligament, causing it to rupture and hemorrhage profusely.

Following the procedure, Heifetz hemorrhaged both in her spleen and from the outside capsule of the spleen into the peritoneal cavitity. Due to excessive blood loss and pain, Heifetz collapsed at home and was taken to Maimonides Medical Center. Surgeons placed a coil into a splenic artery in an attempt to stop the hemorrhage but Heifetz continued to hemorrhage and showed signs of hemorrhagic and septic shock. Heifetz underwent emergency surgery where surgeons performed an exploratory laparotomy to remove her spleen. Heifetz remained hospitalized for six days. Because the spleen stores and purifies red blood cells and helps fight certain infections, Heifetz became afraid of leaving her home for fear of contracting an illness. Heifetz was also left with a permanent surgical scar from her breastbone to her belly button.

After a three week trial and 45 minutes of deliberation, the jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of Heifetz. Heifetz was awarded $ 670,000 for past pain and suffering and $ 600,000 for future pain and suffering.

Following trial, the parties reached a $ 1,100,000 settlement.

How Can a New York and New Jersey Medical Malpractice Attorney Help?

At Top-Rated Karasik Law Group, our attorneys are experienced medical malpractice attorneys.  If you or a loved one have suffered from a complication of a colonoscopy procedure or had a misdiagnosis from a medical professional, Karasik Law Group will fight for your family’s right to compensation for every dollar you are entitled to under the law.  Call us to today at (718) 502-9112 to schedule a Free Consultation. At Karasik Law Group, winning matters. Win with us! We speak for the injured; our results speak for themselves.

Virtual Consultation

With the modern advancements in technology, our Top-Rated Brooklyn, NY Pain and Suffering Lawyer now offer virtual consultations, which allow individuals to consult with an Top-Rated Pain and Suffering attorney from the comfort and safety of their own homes. This virtual consultation can provide a convenient and efficient way to discuss your case and receive expert advice.

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When our clients find themselves involved in personal injury Top-Rated Сolonoscopy Malpractice Attorneys, they often face not only physical and emotional distress, but also financial burdens. These accidents can result in significant medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing rehabilitation costs. In such cases, seeking the assistance of a Сolonoscopy Malpractice Attorney becomes crucial. However, the cost and fees associated with hiring such attorneys may be a concern for many. Fortunately, our personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that they do not require any upfront payment, and instead, they are only compensated if they successfully win the case. This payment structure ensures that individuals have access to legal representation without worrying about the financial implications.