May 07, 2019 | Publications

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MTA busses were involved in over 21,000 collisions in just the span of 3 years beginning in 2015, with an estimate average of over 2,500 injuries per day and at least 14 deaths according to the New York Post. Many people get hurt while passengers on the bus, whether it’s from a sudden stop or movement, or simply stepping on or off the bus. Bus accidents can occur due to the neglectful acts of the bus driver if he or she was fatigued, distracted, or failed to obey a traffic sign or signal.

Although bus accidents statistically occur less often than car accidents, the damages can sometimes be extremely severe. Injuries can include broken bones, torn ligaments, spinal cord injuries, and even traumatic brain injuries. After a bus accident, recovery times can be long and costly with medical and other expenses.

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