January 17, 2020 | Publications

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: FETAL LACERATIONS #MedicalMalpractice #WinningMatters #WinWithUs

Fetal lacerations are birth injuries that occur during a caesarian-section (C-section) delivery, usually as a result of improper procedures performed by medical personnel during childbirth. They occur when the instruments used in a C-section cut the infant’s skin. Fetal lacerations have also been linked to a variety of other serious conditions such as paralysis of a limb, scarring, and infections. Doctors must exercise caution when performing caesarian sections to ensure the infant is unharmed.

With proper care, fetal lacerations can be prevented. If a laceration does occur, your doctor must provide immediate and accurate treatment. The American Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics says that fetal lacerations can cause long-term and sometimes permanent health issues. Although these injuries may clear up within a few months for some infants, others may live with the effects of the injury for a lifetime.

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