June 07, 2019 | Publications


A medical lien, which is a secured interest in a case can often be a big deal on auto accident cases and it is legally binding. If your health insurer paid to treat your injuries, they may have a lien on your personal injury settlement. And oftentimes settlements or trials take place long after medical treatment has been administered to the injured parties. When this happens, a medical provider is also entitled to a lien on the unpaid medical bills against the injured parties’ settlement or damage award. The reduction of medical liens can put more settlement money into your bank account and can give the injured party piece of mind that the medical bills were properly negotiated and paid.

There is a significant leverage to dealing with a lien claim prior to finalizing a third party settlement. An experienced attorney can try to negotiate your lien prior to when your case is settled to get the maximum compensation for your automobile accident case. There are several steps that can be taken to potentially reduce the amount in a medical lien, such as reading the contract to determine what type of law governs the lien claim and what rights the lien claimant may have; narrowing the claim to determine the parameters of the lien claim; reducing the claim for actual recovery of medical bills if certain medical bills are not part of the settlement offer; checking for unreasonable and unrelated charges.

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