November 04, 2020 | Publications

Labor Law: Falling Objects At A Construction Site

Falling objects and debris can cause injuries at construction sites; examples of falling objects are materials such as bricks, mortar, a hoist, a hammer, equipment, a plank, a collapsing scaffold or construction debris. New York Labor Law Section 240 is the law that provides attorneys with a basis for taking legal action in cases that seek compensation for workers injured by falling objects or debris.

When objects are being lifted or hoisted and fall on a worker, the court may hold the owner or general contractor liable, especially when a construction device is faulty or when safety precautions were not in place or being properly followed. An on the job injury is usually covered by Workers’ Compensation, however, construction sites are usually occupied by other employers as well, such as contractors, subcontractors and property owners and often, one or more of these third parties can be liable for a construction worker’s injuries.

When contractors, owners, and agents fail to provide reasonable and adequate safety and protections, workers can suffer serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

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