September 25, 2020 | Publications

LABOR LAW: FALLING FROM HEIGHT ON CONSTRUCTION SITE #LaborLaw #ConstructionAccident #WinningMatters

Falling from height on a construction site imposes absolute liability on the owner of the property. According to the Occupational Health Safety Administration (OSHA), falls are the leading cause of construction site accidents and many construction site falls are caused by a violation of OSHA regulations. Falling from roofs, scaffolding, and ladders can occur when proper safety equipment and gear to prevent falls and other accidents is not provided. Property owners usually have an obligation to maintain the worksite to prevent hazards from injuring workers.

New York has special provisions to address the unique dangers faced by construction workers.

Labor Law section 240
This law protects the rights of construction workers who suffer a fall. This legal requirement mandates construction owners and contractors to provide scaffolding and other safety measures to protect workers.

Labor Law section 241
This law mandates the provision of safety equipment for all workers. Under Labor Law section 241(6), a property owner or contractor is accountable in negligence for an accident that happened under its supervision or control.

An on the job injury is usually covered by Workers’ Compensation, however, construction sites are usually occupied by other employers as well, such as contractors, subcontractors and property owners and often, one or more of these third parties can be liable for a construction worker’s injuries.

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