April 07, 2022 | Publications

Construction Labor Law Dangerous on the Job Conditions in NYC

Construction sites contain hazards for everyone, but they are especially dangerous for construction workers who spend their days there. Construction workers are employed in many different settings such as city buildings, roadways, homes and offices, and manufacturing facilities. These sites can require workers to do their jobs at extreme heights, to be around hidden dangers and hazardous conditions, unsafe work environments, and to install and operate heavy and often dangerous equipment.

Falls are the cause of fatality at construction sites. Falls from lower heights can cause broken bones, spinal cord injuries, or traumatic brain injuries, while falls from higher heights will usually result in death. At these heights, workers must have proper fall protection devices. Other injuries that can occur on the job includes getting struck by falling objects and getting caught between objects. These incidents can occur due to lack of or improper safety devices, unsafe conditions, poor training, and defective construction materials and equipment.

An on-the-job injury is usually covered by Workers’ Compensation, however, construction sites are usually occupied by other employers as well, such as contractors, subcontractors and property owners and often, one or more of these third parties can be liable for a construction worker’s injuries.

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