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Igor Leonidovich Trunov
Igor Leonidovich Trunov

Igor Trunov was born in 1961 in the town of Kartaly of Chelyabinsk Oblast.
He graduated from Moscow State Corresponding Institute of Food Production in 1991. Trunov worked as the Deputy Head of Economic Board of the Russian Presidential Executive Office since 1991.
He graduated from the post-graduate studies of Moscow State Corresponding Institute of Food Production and presented a thesis on the following topic: “Reserves of Utilization of Production Capacities in Sugar Industry” with a specialization in “Economics, Planning and Organization of the National Economy Management and Its Branches”. He was awarded with a degree of the Candidate of Economic Sciences.

Igor graduated from the Legal Department of Krasnodar University Kuban State University in 1998.
In 2001, he presented a thesis on the following theme: “Modern Problems of Defense of Civil Rights inCriminal Proceedings” with a specialization in “Criminal Proceeding, Criminal Science and Forensic Examination” and “Operational-Investigative Activity” in Moscow Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs[1] for Fighting Organized Crime.
In the beginning of 2000s, he joined United Russia Party and headed the social program “Lawyers for Moscow Inhabitants”. On February 28, 2009, he became the head of Moscow Department of Right Cause party, created in November, 2008 on the basis of Democratic Party of Russia, Civilian Power and Union of Right Forces.

In 2011, Igor created the All-Russian Social Movement for Promotion of Democracy “Democratic Legal Russia”. In 2013, the All-Russian Social Movement was transformed into “Democratic Legal Russia” Political Party.[2]
On December 19, 2009 under the authority of Trunov, the International Christian Constituent Conference for creating the social movement of “Defenders of Orthodox Christians named after Dmitry Donskoy” took place in Danilovsky Hotel Complex of Danilov Stavropegial Monastery .Danilov Monastery According to the Chairman of the International Christian Constituent Conference Igor Trunov, “working under the authority of Russian Orthodox Church as well as ministration and defense of the interests of Russian Orthodox Church and Orthodoxy in the world is the sense of the existence of this Organization in Russia”.
In 2014, he became the Chairman of Moscow City Department of Russian Red Cross.
He knows English and French languages.

He is married and has five chеildren.