Edward J. Anthony, ESQ.

Upon law school graduation and passage of the Bar Examination, Mr. Anthony began trying cases in 1983, representing the City of New York. He remained in that position for 7 years.

After leaving City employment in late 1989, Mr. Anthony began trying cases for injured plaintiffs. His first plaintiff’s verdict was one where a Manhattan jury awarded $1.3 million dollars, an amount that withstood appeal. Thereafter, Mr. Anthony almost exclusively represented plaintiffs who were injured due to sidewalk falls, snow and ice cases, premises liability, police misconduct cases, workers who were injured on the job site, traffic accidents involving ordinary drivers, taxis, and City vehicles such as police, fire, sanitation and MTA vehicles. His verdicts include a $7.8 million-dollar verdict for a young girl who was caused to suffer lead poisoning in the building where she lived. At the time, it was one of the single plaintiff lead poisoning verdicts in the country.

During his 35 year career, Mr. Anthony has selected over 600 juries and has obtained 18 verdicts or settlements ranging from 1 million dollars to 8 million dollars. These have included verdicts for injured plaintiffs who suffered from lead poisoning, police misconduct, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, severe traffic accidents, injuries in both commercial and residential buildings, injuries due to defective products, injuries in restaurants and commercial establishments, negligent security, building explosions, roadway design defects and a number of other scenarios, which include improper treatment in the workplace.


During his 35 year trial career, Mr. Anthony has secured over 200 verdicts and settlements in the range of $100,000 dollars and $950,000. He is a skilled negotiator and will seek maximum recovery for those who have been injured through the fault of others. Mr. Anthony currently acts as Senior Trial Counsel to a number of law firms, as well as having been chosen to lecture other lawyers, for their mandatory Continuing Legal Education studies, in the field of trial practice. He also mentors young attorneys on the various aspects of litigating cases.

For the past five years, Mr. Anthony has had the pleasure of working with the Karasik Law Group. Working alongside Alexander Karasik and his team has been and continues to be a tremendous experience. Mr. Karasik’s law firm works diligently and painstakingly in seeing that each person’s case is prepared as expeditiously and comprehensibly as possible. This begins with the consultation with the injured client to the proper selection of expert witnesses and innovative 21st Century trial techniques to ensure that the best possible presentation is put forward. This is the best manner in which to ensure maximum pre-trial settlement or the highest possible jury verdict.